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Koldstor Innovation

Key elements to good service are quick response and accuracy. This guiding concept has challenged KOLDSTOR Centre Philippines Inc. to introduce novel systems, procedures, and practices to offer its customers a higher standard of service.

For this purpose, the company has invested in a custom Warehouse Management System (WMS) with the capability to enable on-line radio frequency scanning and automatic bar code labeling. With these innovations KOLDSTOR intends to provide its clients with accurate and real-time information on product quantities, assortment and aging.

Moreover, the system can also enable KOLDSTOR's customers to have direct access to their product information through KOLDSTOR's website, with built-in security features to ensure the individual privacy of customer data.

KOLDSTOR has also invested in the construction of a temperature controlled sampling room, to enable government food inspectors to conduct necessary testing and evaluation procedures of food products brought into the facility, as well as systems and procedures for reverse logistics, i.e., handling and processing of trade returns.

These added services are KOLDSTOR's modest contribution to the standardization and development efforts of the government and the food industry.

Koldstor Commitment

Strategic location.
State-of-the-art equipment and operating systems.
Access to new technology and training.
Service oriented and reliable personnel to attend to customer's needs.

These are the key physical elements which reinforce the strength of KOLDSTOR'S commitment to service.

KOLDSTOR endeavors to anticipate and generate timely and accurate responses. By providing a wholistic service package, KOLDSTOR aims to develop a synergistic relationship with its clients, through which excellence in quality and efficiency may be achieved.